A People's History Of Bisbee



Recording, Editing, & Narration: Susan Wille

Graphics: Kiva Lacterman

Cover Illustration: Summer Monsoon (above) Judy Perry

Audio Mastering: Frank Tornoe, Chasing Light Recording Studio

Web Development: Mitch Druckman


Special thanks to Don Hunter, long-time friend and mentor who so generously shared his expertise, enthusiasm, & equipment with me over the years and is an enduring inspiration.

A huge thank you to all who shared their stories, and to everyone who helped me in one way or another to bring this project to life.

Technical Advice, Troubleshooting, & General Assistance:
Mitch Druckman, Mark Apel, Kiva Lacterman, Larry Lacterman

Legal Help/Advice: John MacKinnon, Jim Riley

Sharing Archival Materials:
Peter Young (Mule Mountain Observers, Poetry Festival & CFA publications)

Millie Kasun ("The Beginnings," A History Of The Arts & Humanities Council)

Shipherd Reed, University of AZ's Miner's Story Project for permission to use portions of his interview with Dick Graeme

Thanks to Carrie Gustavson & Annie Larkin at the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum for permission to use photographs from the museum collection in the Bisbee section & especially to Annie for her generous assistance

Website Photos: Courtesy of the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum

Editing Assistance: Reagan Burrell & Josie Mendosa

Thanks to local musicians whose selections add wonderful energy to the stories:
Carol Park (Arrangements & Piano) & The Bisbee Community Chorus: songs from A Miner's Life Concert, 11/2013

Permission to use original music:
Mark Apel
Scott Baekeland
Chris Blessing
Buzz & The Soul Senders
Dylan Charles
Druckman Bros.
Juan de Bisbee
La Mezcla
David Pavlovich
Becky Reyes
Green Tomatoz
Tin Can Tourists
Terry Wolf

For Previewing: Thanks for your valuable feedback & suggestions:
Larry Lacterman, Angelika Johnson, August Schafer, Betsy Thornton, Carmen Megeath, John Doty, & Lefty Lazovich

In memory of & Gratitude to those who shared their stories but died before the project was completed. Through their voices and shared stories, their spirit lives on for us all:
Bob Watkins, Ernie Zavala, Winston Elkins, Pat Rhoads, Joyce Hunt 

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New Interviews..... Local Food

Food For Thought - The Bisbee Farmers' Market & Animal Agriculture.

A Rancher's Story - Dennis Moroney on ranching in Cochise County.

A People's History Of Bisbee

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Famous Artists Of Bisbee

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First Nations people of the Pacific Northwest created the talking stick as both a symbol of a leader's authority and as an instrument of democracy, passing around a carved staff in a group to ensure that each person holding the staff had their chance to be heard.

I see the microphone as a kind of talking stick, allowing  people to record their ideas & personal stories for others to hear.