Chapters - A Complete Listing

A People's History Of Bisbee

01- Introduction
02- Cycles of Conquest
03- Bisbee in the Beginning
04- Grandparents
05- Born in the 1920s
06- The 1940s
07- The Late '40s & 1950s
08- 1950s Childhood
09- The Late 1950s
10- Miners & Mines
11- A Miner's Life
12- Fires & Accidents
13- The 1960s, Fusion
14- Newcomers, Community College
15- 1960s Childhood
16- The '67-'68 Strike
17- The Deportation
18- Winds of Change
19- Suddenly We Were in Bisbee
20- Call Your Friends
21- Locals, 1972
22- Transitions, 1973
23- Coming & Going
24- The Mine Closes, 1975
25- Cultures Collide, 1975
26- Newcomers Settle In
27- 1976
28- Newcomers in Politics, 1976
29- 1977
30- Old Bisbee Grows
31- 1979
32- Golden Days
33- Falling Apart & Closing Up
34- Old Bisbee in the Early 1980s
35- A Well Made Salad
36- Newcomers Have Children
37- Cochise Fine Arts
38- The Poetry Festivals
39- Developers
40- Central School
41- Arts & Theater
42- The Bar Scene
43- Drugs & Marijuana
44- What's in the Smoke?
45- The Mid' 1980s
46- The Late 1980s
47- The Early 1990s
48- The Late 1990s
49- A Dream of a Childhood
50- Along the Border
51- Bisbee Now
52- Economics & Tourism
53- This Town

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A People's History Of Bisbee

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Famous Artists Of Bisbee

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