Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Bisbee Farmers' Market:
What motivates these local desert-dwellers to grow food here in southeast Arizona, not only for their own families, but for their town customers? Meet some interesting people and learn what's up with local food.


Healthy Eating:
Forks Over Knives (food scientists using food to avoid or treat chronic illnesses)
Vegucated (some eaters of typical American diets try being vegan for 6 weeks)
Cooked (with Michael Pollen)
Food Matters (food as medicine, drug industry)
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (a how-to for changing to a healthier diet)

Weight & Obesity:
Hungry For Change
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Fed Up (childhood obesity)

Farmageddon (USDA prefers to go after these guys than CAFOs
Food Chains (farm laborers)
Food Inc. (meat industry today: CAFOs)
Cowspiracy (environmental effect of today's meat industry)
The Future Of Food (agribusiness, GMOs)

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New Interviews..... Local Food

Food For Thought - The Bisbee Farmers' Market & Animal Agriculture.

A Rancher's Story - Dennis Moroney on ranching in Cochise County.

A People's History Of Bisbee

A People's History Of Bisbee is now for sale on this website. To order your copy, click on "Purchase" at the top of this page.

Bonus Material

Under the "Bisbee" menu. New interviews and stories.

Mining Today


Famous Artists Of Bisbee

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First Nations people of the Pacific Northwest created the talking stick as both a symbol of a leader's authority and as an instrument of democracy, passing around a carved staff in a group to ensure that each person holding the staff had their chance to be heard.

I see the microphone as a kind of talking stick, allowing  people to record their ideas & personal stories for others to hear.